About Us

Edwin V Meehan Owner & Market Researcher

I am the founder and owner of EVM Digital and have been active in digital marketing since 2011.  I have upgraded the company from offering a few local business services to offering much more.

Using advanced tools and a pool of talented professionals, we provide a vast range of online marketing services that have been proven effective in driving traffic to a website and therefore speeding up conversion rate and income generation. These services include Web Design, Website Audits, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Local Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Marketing, Branding and Online Reputation Management.

We offer a consultation session that will blow your mind and that no other online marketing company or consultant is offering. EVM Digital will research and analyze your target market, your brand, your past marketing campaigns, your competitors, and your industry.

We will scrutinize your online presence by examining your website, your rankings, and keywords. We will show you how you are faring next to your competitors, as well as the comprehensive online marketing blueprint.  A professional consultation and suite of research services worth $1000 – all for FREE!

Businesses today have a real need—and that’s where we can help you by providing valuable assistance by educating you with informative Blogs, Free Professional Consultation, and Effective Online Marketing Services with positive results.

If you are interested in our services, keep in touch by visiting our Contact page. You can fill out a form or call us at (320) 421-9133 – (844) -421-9133. You can also send an email to Sales@evmdigital.com.



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