SEO Agencies Say: ‘Search Engine Optimization Is All About Content’

When it comes to making your site visible to the right audience, most SEO agencies in Alexandria would tell you that content is king. While this may sound cliché, there is actually a ring of truth in it. This is not just because articles can help you in building links, but also because the right content can help you raise awareness about your products and services among your target market segment. By consistently coming up with rich content, you are actually building your company as an authority when it comes to your line of industry.

content marketing

SEO vs. Content Marketing: A Myth

With the role that article writing plays, there is a high possibility that you might come across articles that pit search engine optimization against article writing. Keep in mind, though, you cannot separate article writing from search engine optimization.

Sure, there are a number of differences between the two. At some point, however, the two will overlap with content or article marketing fulfilling what SEO aims to do. The delineation between article marketing and SEO also becomes blurred when it comes to keywords. While SEO can help tap the right keywords, these words and phrases would be meaningless if not used within a solid article.

Creating Valuable Content

Since the relationship between SEO and article marketing has been established, you also need to realize two things:

  1. The Keyword Density Myth

In the past, using keywords in your article would mean having to repeat it a number of times to hit a certain density. Today, the richness of the content takes precedence over the number of times a keyword is repeated. If you must, however, keep it to no more than three times in a 500-word article.

  1. Vertical Search vs. Horizontal Search

Content does not always mean a full-length article. In some cases, it could be a few sentences describing what the video is all about. That being the case, a content can either be a vertical one or a horizontal one. Vertical content would show up higher in their classification (i.e., video) rather than in the generic results page. The latter tends to use more of horizontal search and could cover a wider variety of content compared to its counterpart.

  1. Freshness of Content

How unique or timely your content is will have a bearing on its ranking. This highlights even more the fact that in-depth research and a good grasp of current events is needed when trying to come up with the right content for your website, or for building your links.


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