The Power Of Smartphones and Local Buzz SEO In Boosting Your Sales

Most businesses and companies already have their SEOs figured out, and this is not a bad thing. In fact, investing on high quality SEO plays an integral part in boosting a business’ branding and sales.

Targeting local consumers, however, that is another matter entirely. Creating awareness on a local basis requires different tactics, and more refined SEO.

local buzz seo

The Use of Smartphones

Consumers nowadays tend to research first before buying. In simpler terms, if you are not visible online, there’s a chance that you won’t be seen elsewhere. Fortunately, local businesses can also make themselves known to their target consumers through creating “local buzz”.

Generating local buzz is something that local businesses shouldn’t ignore today. According to the Local Search Usage Study by comScore, 74% of smartphone owners get real-time location-based information in their devices as of 2012, and an astounding 78% of mobile phone searches resulted in a purchase. These numbers only prove that marketing your goods and services locally can improve your sales.

Placing Signals

To achieve this, you have to consider some factors for better local search optimization. On-page signals are information such as name, address, phone number (NAP) or other contact details so your consumers can reach out to you.

Review signals are the number and diversity of the reviews you are getting. Social signals, on the other hand, are your branding in terms of Facebook likes and Google+ authority. Improving these factors can greatly help your local online presence, even experts say so.

Marketing on Smartphones

The opportunity that smartphones present to local businesses is advantageous for sales. To create effective local buzz, you need to focus on the factors mentioned above. Keep in mind that  your consumers will largely rely on the information on their smartphones, and inconsistencies with your NAP listings can prevent prospects from closing a purchase.

Meanwhile, over 80% of consumers read online reviews to check on a local business. This is one reason why businesses must handle and encourage customer reviews on many platforms such as social media. Foursquare, for example, enables a certain business that was checked-in by a user to be broadcasted to his network. You can use this promotion to your advantage that can help boost your sales.

Local buzz is a way to dominate your competition locally. You must give your local consumers an easy way to access you by making sure you are on top of listings. This can be done with the help of Minneapolis professionals offering SEO services and specialize in generating local buzz for any type of business.


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